Our Mission

To give you confidence to navigate the economic
pressure and uncertainty of today's healthcare market.

Our Story


XIL Impact was created through the work of XIL Consulting, a boutique consulting firm that helps companies across the drug supply chain develop winning economic strategies.

XIL’s leadership team, led by CEO Susan Lang, saw a growing need in their client base – the need for a self service tool that would allow pharmacy executives and operators to get real-time data that they could use to negotiate better contracts, hold payers accountable and better track the economics of their business. A tool that didn’t require teams of analysts to use or interpret. A tool that wasn’t retrofitted for these needs, but built from the ground up to serve them.

XIL Impact joins a number of other products and services under the XIL umbrella, a company that gives people confidence to navigate the economic pressure and uncertainty of healthcare. Whether that’s helping a Fortune 500 CEO rethink the company’s pharmacy network or rebate strategy so they can add millions to the bottom line, or helping a mother with a sick child manage her medical debt so she can pay her mortgage.

XIL’s portfolio also includes:

  • XIL Consulting partners with executives to develop strategies that grow market share, eliminate risk, and improve execution.
  • RedWagon Rx is an outsourced PBM provider that helps companies execute on economic strategies, offering services from payer contract negotiation to rebate aggregation to provider network management.
  • HooPayz acts as an advocate for patients and their families, helping them manage medical debt, review medical bills, find low cost providers and much more.

Whether you are leading a company or a patient dealing with medical bills, XIL can help steer you across the uncertain waters of today’s healthcare system.

  • Picture of Susan Lang - XIL Impact's Chief Executive Officer

    Susan L. Lang

    Chief Executive Officer

    Susan brings a robust knowledge of healthcare, economics and a passion for competition and growth. Susan has been a member of the c-suite at Express Scripts, a Fortune 20 company, and is a serial entrepreneur,  founding and operating multiple businesses in the healthcare space.

  • Picture of Debbie Sanders - XIL Impact's Chief Operating Officer

    Debbie Sanders

    Chief Operating Officer

    Debbie understands what it takes to create scalable solutions that drive real competitive advantage. Debbie has extensive experience leading cross-functional, enterprise-wide IT development projects for Fortune 100 companies, as well as IT operations.

  • Alexandra Robertson

    VP, Client Growth & Innovation

    Alexandra understands the flexibility, speed, and innovation needed in today's market. She has worked for a myriad of high growth tech startups as well as for Microsoft, a Fortune 25 company. In her role at XIL Health, Alexandra brings that same out of the box thinking to help clients scale and create long term value.


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